Home Quick Planner: Reusable furniture, peel and stick and architectural symbols

Price: $29.95 - $22.95

The Home Quick Planner includes 700 models of scale marking and architecture, peel-and-stick, prefabricated and reusable, as well as a 5,600 square foot floor plan to help you design your own construction, renovation and decoration projects. (Also good for moving). The symbols include everything you need, from tables, chairs, sofas, beds and pianos to all standard cabinets and appliances, a wide assortment of bathroom accessories and accessories. cabinets (for example, twelve sets of washbasins, six different showers and a dozen different baths and whirlpools), plus windows, doors, walls, switches, outlets, lights and much more. Simply lift the symbols and distribute them on the floor grille to design floors, move furniture and make changes. Step by Step Instructions and Design Details: Essential dimensions and clearances are provided to help you improve your design and save money. After completing the design of your floor plan with Home Quick Planner, you can build a three-dimensional model of your design with the Home 3-D kit (also from Daniel Reif) .4 Sheets
Peel-n- Stick
700 prestressed, 1/4 "ladder, reusable pell-and-stick furniture and architectural symbols
Technical sheet 5,600 square feet

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