Fancy-fix Blackboard Vinyl Peel and Stick Sticker Wall Sticker with 5 chalks-Big Roll 17.7 On 78.7 inches

Price: $17.99 - $7.49

Regular bulky boards can take a lot of valuable space in the classroom, office , the restaurant or the home cooking. This is why we here at FancyFix are delighted to provide our customers with these innovative new stickers Vinyl Peel and Stick Chalkboard!

These peeling and stick decals are incredibly easy to use and instantly transform your walls, doors or windows into a completely usable table. All you have to do is unroll the sticker, remove the paper holder, and then stick it on a flat and clean surface.

They are perfect for the classroom, office meeting rooms, children's playrooms and more. The possibilities are really endless with the stickers Peel and Stick Chalkboard from FancyFix!

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Add to Cart Detailed view: Remarks for the application:
Table tags of this type work best on smooth surface, flat surfaces, DO NOT apply on ROUGH and unmatched wall surface.
If you ask a question about the suitability of a surface test, by applying a small sticker to an invisible part of the desired surface, leave them a few days before you peel.
If you are applying on newly painted walls, let them dry completely before using the stickers.

Application Tips:
1. Choose a totally smooth surface that is clean and free of dust and moisture. You can use a wet garment to thoroughly clean the applied smooth surface.
2. Remove the backing paper from a corner, stick to the desired surface, use a soft cloth to wipe the air bubble when peeling the paper .EXPRESS: Use this sticker to take off and stick to express your creativity with chalk!
EASY TO USE: Easy to measure and cut with a grid on the back. Simply remove the vinyl board from its paper holder and then glued to a flat, smooth surface.
SUSTAINABLE: Made of strong vinyl Material for a durable quality.
GREAT SIZE: Each roll is 17.7 inches x 78.7 inches to give you plenty of room to write menus, sweet messages, to-do lists and more!
CHALK GRATUIT: 5 FREE regular pencils Sticker your purchase so you can start writing or designing as soon as you receive your painting sticker.

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