Vila knife shaver with double slot: clean and clean razor blades Sharpness: essential kitchen utensil with an elegant and ergonomic design: secure and compact grip for easy storage

Price: $17.95 - $5.95

this two-step Knife Sharpener?
To operate, you simply pull your knife through the sharpening rods until you have the desired sharpness. The first slit (right) is the coarse stem that takes the burrs and the rough edges. The second slot has special ceramic rods for refining. After the first step, you pull your knife into the second slot to make your knives more accurate.

Should I hold my knife at a precise angle?
The beauty of this sharpener is that even a novice can use it. Do not scrape your knife up and down again using a needle size or an old stone. Simply run your knife through the rods that have been placed at precise angles to give the utmost clarity of your knives.

Does this knife-cutter tool require batteries?
This product is fully used manually, which allows you to use this needle size anytime or anytime. No battery or electricity is required.

What location should I use for jagged knives?
You can refine the serrated knives in the clearly labeled location that says "Fine". The coarse slot is only for strong and smooth shots.

Whether you are a professional chef, a kitchen enthusiast or even a scout, this shiny knife knife can be used for several different knives. Large butcher knives, knives to your little pocket knife. With this Vila product, you can enjoy the ease of cutting with your NOW.SHARPEN razor knife collection YOUR TIGHT AND RIGHT KNIVES — Hang your knife collection for maximum performance with the Sharpener Vila Knife. The straight edge and serrated knives can be used with this brilliant two-stage sharpening system.
TWO-STAGE FASTENING CLOSURES — The Sharpener Vila Knife has 2 slits – coarse and fine. The coarse slit covers the dull or damaged knives. Well, the second slot, has ceramic bars for quick touch-ups and to finish your knife with sharpness of razor.
GRIP PATENTED GRIP — Sharpening on the edge of your counter or table; the edge grip allows the knife to pull through the slits of the heel at the tip. Sharpen the large butcher knives securely without scraping your countertop and damaging your knife or surface.
COMPACT FOR EASY STORAGE — This Vila Knife tailor was designed to be used in any kitchen. It is small for easy storage or to go on your countertop without taking up too much space.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN — The curved plunge on the knife sharpener allows you to maintain and seize comfortably while refining your collection of knives. It also features a non-slip base for extra stability and control.

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